Types of casino bonuses

Types of casino bonuses

Have you ever received something for free? For example, a serving of ice cream or a theater ticket. What about free online casino bonuses? All companies offer such incentives (some more, some less). They enable the player to get even more out of the game.

What types of bonuses are available in online casinos – read this article.

What you need to know about casino rewards

Before you rush into the maelstrom with your head to get all the bonuses of the gaming world, you should remember 3 simple rules:

  1. There are many bonuses: for registering on the site, for the first deposit and subsequent ones, for recharging a friend brought to the casino, as part of a loyalty program, etc.
  2. Online casinos use such rewards as an incentive for players to stay on the site longer.
  3. And most importantly, 95% of all bonus offers involve meeting the requirements. For everyone – special. Before registering / making a deposit / participating in the loyalty program, carefully read the terms of the bonus. Most often, the player must wager the bonus a certain number of times, and only then withdraw the money from the game account.

Types of online casino bonuses

Welcome, or for registration

This is the most popular and generous newbie bonus. The system issues it to the gamer for the successful creation of a game account (personal account). Most often, you will be asked to go through the verification process by providing your passport or driver’s license. According to the rules, the welcome bonus will have to be wagered under certain conditions (see on the website of a particular operator).

This type of incentive for newbies can be in the form of a no deposit, trial version or deposit bonus. Consider each:

  • no deposit: the casino user receives a bonus for the deposited amount, but up to a certain limit. For example, if it is 100% up to $ 100. This means that when you deposit $ 75, you will receive $ 150, the maximum is $ 200 for $ 100.
  • deposit: usually several times less than the previous option. On average, companies give players 50% for a $ 100 deposit. Those. half – $ 50 will be added to the bankroll.
  • trial version: designed for gamers who have just joined the site. This can be bonus money or spins that are only for online casino use. In 99% of cases, they and winnings from them cannot be cashed. The trial reward comes in handy when you want to try your hand at slots. If you like it, then bet on real money.

For deposit

Similar to the deposit bonus for registration, casinos offer additional interest on: a) large account deposits; b) by a certain payment method. For example, + 2% of the deposited amount using Skrill. For a large deposit, everything is simple: when making large amounts (from $ 500 and above), an additional percentage is due.


This is a 10-100% surcharge to the deposit that regular customers of a gambling establishment can receive.

Loyalty program bonus

There are levels in the loyalty program (usually VIP / gold is the most prestigious). The account holder rises to a higher level for total activity, deposits, number of wagers made, successful games, etc. At each level of the loyalty program, the system offers special bonuses (freebets, plus to the balance, etc.)

To invite a friend

You invite a friend to join an online establishment – you get a reward.


Cash-back – return of a part of the money that the gamer lost as a result of the bet. For example, if you lost $ 400, you will get $ 80 cashback back. Attention! This amount is relevant if the return bonus is 20%. Each gambling establishment has a different return value.

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